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BlueLena Roundtable (October 2021)

This month's client roundtable featured an update and overview from Ned Berke on our "Focus Forward" year-end support drive, and the resources we are making available to our publishing clients.

The presentation is attached and you can view the full recording at the link below (using the password).

Passcode: 9ptwFne#

Please do not forgot these important deadlines:

  • October 15 (End of Booking Period): to fulfill all of our publishers’ requests we need to know by October 15 if you are booking an end-of-year campaign promoting membership, subscriptions or donations – regardless of whether you will be using our templates. Book here.
  • October 25 (Final Email Copy Due): this allows us to build templates, get your approval, and schedule the campaign for a mid-November launch. If this deadline is a problem for you, let us know on our booking form.

BlueLena - Roundtable - October 2021.pdf