BlueLena Client Roundtable

Each month BlueLena hosts a client roundtable call to review coalition metrics, spotlight best practices and highlight success stories from across the community
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BlueLena Roundtable (July 2021)

This month's client roundtable featured a very informative session from Lookout Santa Cruz and their success w/ leveraging Facebook paid acquisition to drive database growth, reader engagement and paid conversions.View the full presentation in the attached file and a link to the recording can be fou...

BlueLena Roundtable (August 2021)

This month's client roundtable welcomed Steven Waldman, President and Co-Founder of Report for America, and the Founder and Chair of the Rebuild Local News Coalition. He shared an update on the Local Journalism Sustainability Act currently before Congress, what it is and what publishers can to to he...

BlueLena Roundtable (June 2021)

This month's client roundtable featured a presentation on SEO Fundamentals from Ned Berke, Vice President of Audience Strategy at BlueLena. Google Search is the largest audience development engine ever made, and today contributes approximately 60% of all referral traffic to news publisher websites. ...

BlueLena Roundtable (May 2021)

This month's client roundtable welcomed Nicolas Rios, Audience Editor at Documented, who shared their success with using WhatsApp to safely reach their reader communities, and support the organization's journalism. A copy of the PDF is attached here and he can be contacted at nicolas.rios at documen...

BlueLena Roundtable (April 2021)

This month's client roundtable welcomed Danielle Beausoleil to the publisher community, and also featured a presentation from Ned Berke on best practices in customer surveys - including updates to the BlueLena audience survey. Attached is the PDF of the presentation.Here is a link to the recorded p...

BlueLena Roundtable (March 2021)

The March client roundtable included an introduction to the 42 new publisher members of the BlueLena community, an update from Ned Berke on solutions and initiatives, and a feature presentation from Jay Senter, founder and publisher of the Shawnee Mission Post.A video recording of the session is ava...

BlueLena Roundtable (February 2021)

The February 2021 client roundtable featured a presentation from Ellen Meany, Publisher of The American Prospect on their successful fundraising to send a journalist team to cover the Georgia Runoff Election. A video of the presentation is here, along with marketing collateral and metrics that are ...

BlueLena Roundtable (January 2021)

The January client roundtable included an introduction from Ned Berke, Vice President/Head of Audience Strategy, along with a tour of the new BlueLena Knowledge Base and Client Support site.A video recording of the session is available here, and begins a few minutes into the roundtable with Ned's in...

BlueLena Roundtable (November 2020)

The November client roundtable featured an update on coalition key-performance indicators, our recommended changes to forms, best practices in email contact management and a feature of Lookout Santa Cruz, the new digital media brand launch from Ken Doctor.

BlueLena Roundtable (October 2020)

The October client roundtable provided a review of the upcoming BlueLena propensity modeling, an update on the Passport rewards platform development, and a preview of the new Pico product release slated for Q1, 2021

BlueLena Roundtable (September 2020)

The September client roundtable provided an update on coalition conversion metrics, a review of best practices for membership across the client community, and a feature on Isthmus, which made the decision to move to 501c3 status by the end of 2020.

BlueLena Roundtable (August 2020)

The August client roundtable featured client best practices for contesting and promotions, an update on the standard audience surveys deployed in the new registered user onboarding series and a preview of the BlueLena Passport rewards platform.

BlueLena Roundtable (June 2020)

The June client roundtable review coalition metrics for conversion of anonymous site visitors-to-known, and the conversion of registered users to paid.We also reviewed the user workflows, end-to-end, from registration to conversion, including the lifecycle marketing curriculum.

BlueLena Roundtable (April 2020)

The April 2020 client roundtable reviewed the results of the standard audience survey deployed as part of the new reader onboarding series.