Automations: QC process to avoid redundant/repetitive automation emails

BlueLena uses a standardized Zapier integration that connects a Pico user event (such as a new registered user or payment conversion) into automation campaigns built in ActiveCampaign.  We have identified and corrected some flawed logic that was resulting in isolated instances of customers who have already completed the automation being added back into the automation, resulting in redundant communications.

Going forward, the Welcome New Registrant automation series will add a tag value of "Welcome Series (Begin)" immediately upon a new registered user being added into the ActiveCampaign automation via the Zapier alert.   Upon the completion of the automation series (i.e. a user exiting the series as a result of a membership conversion, or upon reaching the end of the automation series), the "Welcome Series (Begin)" tag will be removed, and replaced with a separate tag value of "Welcome Series (Completed)."

As a double fail safe, at the very top of the automation we have added a condition that requires a contact record to NOT have either a tag value of either "Welcome Series (Begin)" or "Welcome Series (Completed)" which removes any reader who has completed, or who is currently in the automation.  This will ensure that users cannot be added into the automation subsequent to their point of registration.  This new conditional logic is displayed in the two screenshots below.

We will continue to monitor that this new added logic is functioning as intended, and please contact if you receive any reader complaints of redundant welcome series communications.

Top of the Welcome New Registrant automation funnel:


End of the Welcome New Registrant automation funnel: