Text Alerts: introducing reader opt-ins and transferring data into Google Sheets

Lookout Santa Cruz decided to add a daily COVID PM newsletter and text alert to keep its readers informed on the pandemic crisis.

To setup this automated process, we started by adding the COVID PM newsletter as an option in the Pico registration forms. Whenever a new registered user opts-in, or an existing registered user updates their preferences to include the COVID PM newsletter, the customer is tagged "COVID PM" in ActiveCampaign, via Zapier alert:

The second step was to create a form in ActiveCampaign that allows users to "Update" their preferences to add the Text alert option.  This form has also been integrated as a button on an outreach campaign announcing the new COVID text alerts, and readers simply need to complete the form to provide their mobile phone number and automatically begin receiving the COVID text alerts:


The third step was to create a Google Sheet that is populated each time a user completes the "Update Preferences" form (more information below). This Google Sheet can then be uploaded to your text messaging provider, either through automation (depending on the provider) or manually.

*As part of this Active Campaign -> Google Sheet integration, we are including membership status which allows you to include a subscribe call-to-action and link to your Pico monetization page on the text alert if the reader is not yet a fully-activated, paying customer.  This is a recommended subscriber/member conversion best practice.


The final step was to build an automation in ActiveCampaign that populates the Google Sheet with the customer information (shown above) each time a new registered user opt-ins for text alerts, or an existing registered user updates their preferences to receive text alerts.


To learn more about setting up text alerts or other user preference form integrations, please contact us at solutions@bluelena.io