Gift Subscriptions

Your users can send someone a subscription as a gift by using Pico's built-in Gift Subscriptions feature. A user does not need to be an active paying subscriber to use the feature. To gift a subscription, users can click on the "Gift a Subscription" link in the Pico "My Account" menu on your website or in subscription prompts on your website and Pico landing pages.

To provide a direct link to the gift subscription options, see the Menu Shortcuts in the Site Interaction settings of your Pico dashboard.

Gift senders will need to select an appropriate plan and then specify the recipient email, name, and an optional message to be sent along with their gift.

Recipients will receive an email containing a link to log in and start their gift subscription. The subscription will not start until the recipient chooses to redeem the gift.


  • Only individual subscription plans are supported. Group subscription plans and donation plans are not supported.
  • Gift subscriptions do not include trial offers. The recipient will only receive a standard month- or year-long term of the plan, as paid for by the sender.
  • It is possible to send multiple gifts to a single user, but only one can be redeemed at a time.
  • It is not possible to send a gift to an active paying subscriber.
  • Gift subscribers will be identified in the CRM with a membership value of "Individual Subscriber (Gift)" designated the source of their subscription.