Updating Contact Information

Change a contact's email or name from within the Pico Dashboard.

It is possible to update the information for your contacts from within the Pico Dashboard. To make changes, locate the record you wish to update and click on the edit icon next to the name. 

You will have the ability to change the name or email the subscriber is using. When changing the email, you'll have to select an email not currently in use.

Note: It is only possible edit information if the contact is only associated with your community.

The new email selected must be unique. In some cases, audience members create payments on account associated to the wrong email, and have registered originally on the correct spelling of their email address. For cases likes this, where the new requested email has already been created, change the email on the old account with the +deleted suffix (ie new_email@test.com => new_email+deleted@test.com) and update the old email address normally.