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Landing pages (embeddable sign-up/login and payment flows)

Learn about Landing pages and how they affect your readers' sign-up and payment flow.

A landing page hosts the flow for a registration rule or monetization plan in either a sharable, pre-formatted webpage or an embeddable iframe that you can insert into a custom-designed webpage. 

Primary landing page

When enabled, the primary landing page for an account dynamically shows the appropriate registration rule or monetization plan to visitors based on the audience into which they fall. If there is no appropriate rule or plan to show, visitors are automatically redirected to the publication’s homepage. 

To enable the primary landing page on your site, go to Settings > Landing Page and toggle it on, as seen here:

Pico creates a pre-made landing webpage for you ({your_publication}), which you can redirect to from your own vanity URL or link to from a newsletter or social media. You can also use the embed script provided to insert the registration and payment interface as an inline element on a custom page on your site (e.g., or

Static landing pages

You can also enable a static landing page for every registration rule and monetization plan you create. When enabled, the static landing page shows the registration or payment interface to all visitors who have the link, regardless of which audience group they fall into (ideal for special offers). Visitors who are already registered or who have paid are automatically redirected to the publication’s homepage.

To enable a static landing page for any registration rule or monetization plan, enter the page for that rule or plan from the Publisher app IAM and navigate to the Landing Page tab.

Here you can find both the URL for a pre-made webpage that hosts the landing page in question as well as an embed snippet that allows you to insert that rule's registration or payment interface as an inline element elsewhere on your site. 

This tool is quite powerful, as it allows you to create as narrowly worded registration rule or monetization plan as you want and place it very specifically anywhere on your site or on a custom page.