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Convert your existing email subscribers into Pico users using Signup Links

How to convert your existing email subscribers into Pico users using Signup Links

Do you have an existing list of email subscribers in Mailchimp? You can encourage everyone on your list (that hasn't yet signed up in Pico) to register and log in to your site with Pico by sending each of them a unique signup link. 

The process takes two clicks for your users: 

(1) clicking on the signup link takes them to a landing page where 
(2) they are asked to confirm their email address. Clicking the confirmation button redirects them to a page of your choice — we recommend that you redirect them to your homepage appended with a Menu Shortcut (ex.

To use this feature, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact with the subject "Signup Links Request." In the email, provide your Mailchimp Audience ID and a redirect URL. If no URL is provided, we will redirect users to your homepage. Please make sure that your Mailchimp audience has at least one merge field available (non-Mailchimp Pro accounts support a maximum of 30 merge fields).
  2. We will let you know once we've enabled the feature for your account. At that point, you can then navigate to and click 'Sync Pico signup links'.

3. After the sync finishes, you'll see a unique signup link for each contact in your       Mailchimp audience under a newly created *|PICO_LINK|* merge field.

Note: Before sending out the list, make sure to segment your Mailchimp audiences to only include contacts that are not yet in Pico, (the *|REGISTERED|* merge field should be false). The signup links will not work for active Pico contacts.