Managing User Payments in Pico

Once payments have been made, Pico allows both users and community admins to manage payments.


Updating Payment Methods

Users can always update the payment methods they have on file with Pico:

If a payment on a recurring plan fails (donations, pledges, and subscriptions), Pico will send out an email to the user to update their payment method. Doing so within 21 days will allow the recurring payment to continue interrupted. In some cases, Stripe's automatic retry logic will be able to process the payment with no change.

If after the three automated attempts fail, Stripe will delete the subscription, and users will need to create a new payment from within Pico.

Switching Payment Plans

If a community offers more than one payment option for recurring plans, users can log in to their accounts and select to switch to a different option. This applies to both billing frequency (monthly or yearly) and payment value. To learn more:


For recurring payments plan (donations, pledges, and subscriptions), users can cancel their next payment by logging in to their account. Because plans are always paid at the beginning of the cycle in Pico, this will be effective on the next billing date, and users will retain benefits of their payment until the plan cancels.

To revoke access immediately, including for passes, community admins must make a change from within the Pico Dashboard.


In the case of billing discrepancies, users can request refunds or receipts, both of which can be managed from within the Pico Dashboard.

Payments outside of Pico

If you are processing payment outside of Pico and wish to grant access to users, you can do so via a Whitelist. Whitelists do not renew automatically, so we recommend encouraging users to pay through Pico whenever possible.

We can also assist with migrating from other platforms to Pico.

As a note, even though Pico process payments through Stripe, payments created directly through the Stripe dashboard are not automatically synced to Pico, so we encourage users to create subscriptions or recurring donations through Pico wherever possible.