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A Checklist for Developers and Advanced Users

A helpful list of customizations you can do with HTML and CSS for advanced users

Customizations for advanced users:

For developers looking to get the most out of Pico Tools after installing the widget, consider implementing items from the following next steps.

1. Custom Triggers

Using custom trigger objects to better integrate menu prompts. Do you want interactions with certain elements on your page to load Pico registration or monetization prompts?

(Make sure to use window objects below to suppress or change custom trigger objects appropriately when a user state changes. For example, suppressing a "Subscribe" button. Check out our article on signals to better understand how to accomplish this.)

2. Window Objects

Using window objects to change the way the site looks and feels (or show different CTAs or menus or ads) depending on an audience member's name, payment state, etc.
Pico will automatically display changes to the Pico widget based on information about a logged in registered user. Pico also provides more detailed information in window objects that can be used to further personalize other elements of the site

3. Linking embedded signups forms to Pico

If you already have an existing sign-up form on your website, you can let visitors log in to Pico without major updates to your current form and hide the form for users that have already registered.