Connecting to Stripe

Helpful steps to connect your Pico account to Stripe

Connecting Stripe

In order to accept payments through Pico you will need to connect to Stripe through the Pico platform (regardless of any other Stripe accounts you might already have).

You can do this from one of two places in the Pico Publisher App (

  1. Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  2. Integrations

Country availability is based on Stripe's support, as listed:
For questions about dependent territories, please refer to:

1. Connect from Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Navigate to IAM ( and scroll to the Monetization Plans section:

Click Connect to Stripe. A new window will open. Make sure to have your bank account information readily available.

 When your Stripe account is set up, your browser will redirect back to the Pico Publisher app.

2. Connect from Integrations

Navigate to Settings ( and click Connect in the Stripe row.

From here you will see the Stripe setup prompt and you can follow the steps to help finish connecting your account.