Newsletter Settings: How to manage, restrict access, and edit Opt-In rules

Creating a Newsletter

To create a new Newsletter, navigate to the newsletter management page in the dashboard.
Here, you'll have the option to name a newsletter, give it a description, and select if it should be added to any rules you have in place. If you have multiple plans, this allows you to quickly add a new Newsletter, without needing to update each individual registration rule. Learn more about Registration Rules

When creating a Newsletter, the name will display on registration pop-ups in Bold and the description will be listed below it. The order of newsletters can be altered by selecting the handles on the left from the Newsletters page in the Dashboard.

Disabling a Newsletter

If you no longer wish for a newsletter to be visible to any users, you can uncheck the box from within the dashboard.

Restricting Access to Premium Newsletters

It is possible to restrict access to newsletters behind subscription. To do so, check the box for the appropriate newsletter in the offer section of a monetization plan where it says "Require a subscription to this tier for access to the following newsletters:" for each tier you want to unlock access.

Why is a Newsletter Greyed Out Showing a Lock Icon?

If a newsletter is associated as a subscription benefit to any plan, including group plans, it will show as greyed out and locked for any user not currently in a plan that lists it as a benefit. 

Opt-in Rules

Certain countries require that all newsletter subscriptions are "opt-in", meaning a user has to choose to join a newsletter, and they should be check off by default when registering.

To control which newsletters are shown as selected when registering, edit the registration rule or monetization plan that applies to an audience, navigate to the "Access" tab and uncheck the newsletters under Newsletter Access.

The newsletter will still be available when registering, just not checked by default. If you have a different audience for countries or regions that require opt-in logic, you can create a registration rule specific to those countries, and have a different rule with the newsletters checked for countries that do not require opt-in.

Users can also manage their newsletter preferences once registered. For further user control over their newsletter subscriptions, check out the reader help page.