Personalizing how Pico Appears on your Site

Tips on how to personalize the logo, cover photo, and color scheme.

Personalizing the look of Pico:

To personalize the widget and modal that appears on your site, so that the Pico experience blends seamlessly for your users, you can customize the logo , banner image, and link colors.

These settings can be controlled from within the dashboard:

Logo customization:

The logo you choose to upload will determine the appearance of the Pico badge in the lower right of your site and appear on Pico modals (400x400 pixels recommended). To personalize your logo, click the "Upload new logo" button, select the file, and save changes.

Cover photo customization:

To personalize your cover photo, click the "Upload new cover photo" and save changes. The cover photo (banner image) will only show on modals and landing pages (1500x500 pixels recommended).


Button & Link color customization:

To personalize the color of your buttons and links, click on the color square to change your preference. Clicking on any of the shades will automatically generate a 6 digit hex color code for you. You will see a preview of how this will look on your site to the left side.  Once you have decided on a color scheme, click the "Update Color" button.

Having trouble deciding on a color scheme? 

Relax, we have you covered. The color scheme will automatically populate based on the color of your uploaded cover photo and logo. You can also enter a specific hexcode in the field under "Button & Link Color". The combination of this 6 character code can represent millions of color options. Be sure to include the number sign "#" before the 6 characters to ensure the specific color displays correctly.