Do I need a password to log in?


Do I need a password to log in?

No, but you may for gated content in mobile Facebook and Twitter browsers

Pico does not require users to set a password in order to register for or gain access to Pico-powered communities. 

Pico's passwordless login system uses email-based authentication for convenience and security, since passwords are increasingly vulnerable to being lost or stolen. Once users follow a magic link from their email to log in, they'll stay logged in. 

However: in some cases, setting a password on a Pico account is helpful to bypass email-based log-in. 

This applies to users reading content in Facebook's or Twitter's in-app web browser on mobile devices, because email links cannot be opened there from an outside app. With a password, users can log in directly through the in-app browser once and not again until the session's 1st-party cookies are cleared.

To setup a password on your Pico account

  1. Click on the publication logo in the bottom-right corner of your screen. If you do not see your account information, follow the prompt to log in.
  2. Click 'Manage Account' and then 'Change password'
  3. You can now login with your password

If you'd like to change or cannot remember your password, Pico can allow you back into your account by sending a link to your email following these instructions.

To log in using email

You can log in from any device with the email address, Google account, or Facebook account with which you registered.

  1. When you log in with an email address, it will trigger an additional verification step. You will immediately receive a verification link sent from an email address ending in Click on this link in your inbox to log in and return to the publication. You should only have to do this once per device, as you will remain logged in by default until you manually sign out or delete your browser cookies.