Navigating Pico

Along the left-hand navigation, you will see the following options:

IAM (stands for Identity and Access Management) this is the primary screen where you can view the Performance dashboard, and where BlueLena manages Audiences, Registration Rules and Monetization Plans on behalf of its clients.

CRM (stands for Customer Relationship Management) this is the database containing all registered users and paid readers, allowing you to search users by name or email and open their account to review details, including date registered, last visit, payment history.  You can also stop payments and/or issue refunds from this (explained further below).

Settings is managed by BlueLena during initial account creation and includes publication information, billing details, newsletters and descriptions, as well as other branding elements associated with landing pages.  The settings should not be altered as this has downstream implications with other dependent processes and campaigns.

Help provides users with access to Pico’s product tours, searchable knowledge base and contact information for Pico support.